Gold securities issued on the Tezos FA-1.2 token standard 

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Gold is best

Tokenized gold securities

Formally-verified gold-to-USD value, and built on the Tezos FA-1.2 token standard as fungible and non-fungible varieties; non-fungible tokens (for holdings), as well as in fungible token form (Symbol: TZG).

It all starts with gold — Gold built San Francisco. Gold is used in every microchip built thereafter. Gold is layered over every astronaut's helmet to protect them from UV rays. Gold is the monetary standard of our ancestors. 

So, how much gold do you have?

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Precious Metals Roadmap

Gold is just the beginning of our plans for the Tezos-based tokenization of Precious Metals commodities

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Gold Tez


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Silver Tez


Platinum Tez


Palladium Tez


When Tezos gold?'s launch roadmap is forthcoming. Follow up and check back for updates. We are working tirelessly to bring Tezos tokenized gold to you. Until then, stay golden...stay golden.

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